Paul Podlipensky - how money connect with hi-tech technologies Paul Podlipensky - how money connect with hi-tech technologies
http://www.podlipensky.com/ - Kharkiv
Blog of IT-developer and manager of development of products of softwares. An author share experience in area of construction and sale SOFTWARE on ASP.NET, AJAX and other Microsoft technologies. This resource contans materials about Project Management
"Mega Business Software" site "Mega Business Software" site
http://mbs-ukraine.com/ - Kharkiv
Information on services.
"BricsCad" site "BricsCad" site
http://www.bricscad.com/ - Kiev
Architectural software and SAPR. Delivery, introduction, training.
Студия веб дизайна «Goresh» Студия веб дизайна «Goresh»
http://www.goresh.net/ - Kiev
Разработка динамических сайтов, электронная коммерция, создание wap – сайтов, продвижение сайта в Интернет, мониторинг сайтов, редизайн существующих сайтов, хостинг,оптимизация сайтов, pазработка программного обеспечения.
Company "Khartep" Company "Khartep"
http://www.khartep.com/ - Kharkiv
Company "Khartep" offers services on creation of automation systems based on modern information technologies.
Close corporation "Business -Automatic" Close corporation "Business -Automatic"
http://business-automatic.com/ - Kharkiv
The site of the close corporation "Business -Automatic": client/server systems for automation.
Telesens Ukraine Telesens Ukraine
http://www.telesens.com.ua/ - Kharkiv
Software for telecommunication companies and providers.
Center of intellectual technologies "Intek" Center of intellectual technologies "Intek"
http://www.cintech.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
The site of the Center of intellectual technologies "Intek".
Firm "SoftPro" Firm "SoftPro"
http://www.wgsoftpro.com/ - Kharkiv
The site of the firm "SoftPro": software development.

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