Cabinet Ministry of Ukraine Cabinet Ministry of Ukraine
http://www.kmu.gov.ua/ - Kiev
Information about Ukrainian Government, history of its formation and development KMU, about its ministries, regional authorities, news, photos, video materials, Ukrainian law database, information about governmental procurements, geoinformation syste
President of Ukraine President of Ukraine
http://www.president.gov.ua/ - Kiev
Official site of the President of Ukraine: news, biography, activity, projects, official documents; questions and letters.
LIGA BusinessInform LIGA BusinessInform
http://www.liga.net/ - Kiev
The all-Ukrainian network of distribution of the legal information. The Ukrainian legislation and legal information resources. News agency.
Ukrainian legislation Ukrainian legislation
http://zakon.rada.gov.ua/ - Kiev
Ukrainian legislation on the server of Parliament of Ukraine.
Internet access and training program Internet access and training program
http://www.iatp.org.ua/ - Kiev
The site is dedicated to the internet access and training program in Ukraine.
The Central Election Committee The Central Election Committee
http://www.cvk.gov.ua/ - Kiev
The elections in Ukraine: legislation, the process and the results.
Religious & Information Service of Ukraine Religious & Information Service of Ukraine
http://www.risu.org.ua/ - Lviv
Information about religious events, basic faiths; comments.
National bank of Ukraine. NBU National bank of Ukraine. NBU
http://www.bank.gov.ua/ - Kiev
The website contains statistical data of the NBU and the banking system of Ukraine, as well as information on macroeconomic indicators, balance of payments, payment system, banknotes, change,-jubilee and commemorative coins, foreign exchange rates an
Ukraine criminal Ukraine criminal
http://www.cripo.com.ua/ - Kiev
The site is dedicated to the criminal world of Ukraine.

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