Ukrainian fund of social investments Ukrainian fund of social investments
http://www.usif.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Site of project, directed to the improvement of life socially of unscreened layers of population, reformation of the system of social defence. About UFSI, principles of financing of microprojects, development of potential.
King George's Community Foundation King George's Community Foundation
http://galicia.org.ua/ - Ivano-Frankivs'k
Directions of activity. Grants.
Olexa Tykhiy fund Olexa Tykhiy fund
http://olexa.org.ua/ - Donetsk
History of the Ukrainian remedial movement, photos, biography.
Christian charitable mission "Vzglyad" Christian charitable mission "Vzglyad"
http://www.vzglyad.org.ua/ - Ivano-Frankivs'k
Help to homeless children. Information on mission, program; photo gallery.
Joy of Childhood – Free Movements Joy of Childhood – Free Movements
http://dcp.org.ua/ - Kiev
Site of the joint program ICF «Ukraine 3000» and LTD. «ТНК-VR Ukraine», directed for help in treatment of children with child's cerebral paralysis. Materials, devoted the problem, catalogue of the ukrainian centers of rehabilitation, method of treatm
Charitable organization "Ekosvit XXI" Charitable organization "Ekosvit XXI"
http://www.ecosvit.org/ - Kiev
Charitable help; history of charity; information on the current development and projects. Musical library.
ICF 'Heifer Project International' ICF 'Heifer Project International'
http://www.heifer.org.ua/ - Kiev
Help for farmers and organizations of farmers. Information about organization, activity.
Orphans of Kharkov Orphans of Kharkov
http://www.orphans.kharkov.ua/ - Kharkiv
Children, information on abour necessary help, children's homes, photos.

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