Kharkiv City State Administration Kharkiv City State Administration
http://www.kharkivoda.gov.ua/ - Kharkiv
News, administrations activity.
Official page of Kiev regional administration Official page of Kiev regional administration
http://www.kyiv-obl.gov.ua/ - Kiev
Official page of Kiev regional administration: departments, events, photogallery.
Kherson regional state administration Kherson regional state administration
http://www.oda.kherson.ua/ - Kherson
Kherson regional state administration: news, mass-media, information.
Kharkov city administration Kharkov city administration
http://city.kharkov.ua/ - Kharkiv
Official site of the Kharkov city administration, city mayor, executive committee and other executive organs of the administration: news, investment activity, map.
Sumy Regional State Administration Sumy Regional State Administration
http://www.state-gov.sumy.ua/ - Sumy
News. The information on the Sumy area: authority, economy, social sphere.
Lviv town council Lviv town council
http://www.city-adm.lviv.ua/ - Lviv
The site about the activities of the town council, about Lviv, tourism, cultural life news,
Kirovograd regional state administration Kirovograd regional state administration
http://www.kr-admin.gov.ua/ - Kirovograd
Official site of Kirovograd regional state administration.
Volyn Regional State Administration Volyn Regional State Administration
http://www.voladm.gov.ua/ - Lutsk
Official site of Volyn Regional State Administration.
Chernivtsi regional state administration Chernivtsi regional state administration
http://www.bucoda.cv.ua/ - Chernivtsi
Official site of Chernivtsi regional state administration.
Lugansk Regional State Council Lugansk Regional State Council
http://loga.gov.ua/ - Lugansk
Official site of Lugansk Regional State Council.

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