Informal site of group "Vaya con Dios" Informal site of group "Vaya con Dios"
http://daniklein.narod.ru/index.htm - Kiev - 20/02/2003
Texts of songs, history of group, photos, audio and video materials.
Canadian singer Avril Lavigne Canadian singer Avril Lavigne
http://online-avril.narod.ru/ - Kiev - 18/02/2003
The site is devoted to Canadian singer Avril Lavigne: photos, biography, video and audiomaterials, texts of songs.
Informal site of group 'Sector Gaza' Informal site of group 'Sector Gaza'
http://sektor.hut.ru/ - Dnepropetrovsk - 04/02/2003
History of group, texts of songs, music in format MP3, clips.
Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson
http://marilyn.h1.ru/ - Dnepropetrovsk - 27/01/2003
History of group, Marilyn Manson's biography, texts of songs, audio and videorecordings.
Group "SlipKnot" Group "SlipKnot"
http://www.mymadness.narod.ru/ - Odesa - 09/01/2003
Texts of songs, translations, photos, albums, articles.
Christina Aguilera's fan club Christina Aguilera's fan club
http://caguilera22.narod.ru/ - Kiev - 08/01/2003
The offer for fans of Christina Aguilera's creativity.
Group "Velcra" Group "Velcra"
http://velcra.h11.ru/ - Kiev - 04/01/2003
The site is devoted to Finnish group "Velcra": history, texts of songs, wall-papers.
German group "Helloween" German group "Helloween"
http://www.helloween2002.narod.ru/ - Kiev - 12/12/2002
History of group, music, photogallery.
Fan club "Eva" Fan club "Eva"
http://www.e-v-a.h1.ru/ - Kiev - 09/12/2002
The site is devoted to group "Visitors from the future": history of group, the biography of participants, texts of songs.
Group "Rammstein" Group "Rammstein"
http://www.rammstein.com.ua/ - Kiev - 28/10/2002
News of group, mp3, video, rare photos, articles and interviews, forum, chat.

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