Abkhazia Abkhazia
http://abhazia.com/ - Dnepropetrovsk
The site is dedicated to the Republic of Abkhazia.
Компанія "Goodzon"
http://www.goodzon.com.ua/ - Dnepropetrovsk
Ukrainian Student Assosiation in the USA (USA/USA) Ukrainian Student Assosiation in the USA (USA/USA)
http://www.ukrainianscholarships.org/ - Dnepropetrovsk
The USA/USA program helps talented High School Students from Ukraine to win full 4 years scholarship to leading American colleges and prep schools, by providing them with information about American education system and paying for entrance examination
Lake Heviz Lake Heviz
http://ozero.dp.ua/ - Dnepropetrovsk
The site is dedicated to the Hungary resort - lake Heviz.
Angloslav Education company Angloslav Education company
http://angloslav.co.uk/ - Dnepropetrovsk
Education in English private schools, training to English language in the Great Britain, services of guardianship in England. Consulting and planning of training of children, guardianship of pupils.
Volunteer's page Volunteer's page
http://www.Volentieri.narod.ru/ - Dnepropetrovsk
The description of the tour to volunteer's camp abroad.
Volunteer camp "Legambiente" in Italy Volunteer camp "Legambiente" in Italy
http://www.italia2003.narod.ru/ - Dnepropetrovsk
Data on how to choose and get in camp, how to open the Schengen visa, about employment of the European volunteers (work, dialogue, entertainments). Photos.
Travel to Thailand Travel to Thailand
http://www.thailand2003.narod.ru/ - Dnepropetrovsk
Impressions of the author from rest in Thailand. Advice to tourists, photos.
Memories about America Memories about America
http://members.tripod.com/american_memories/ - Dnepropetrovsk
The site is dedicated to America: education, slang, students' memories.