Hardware and microcontroller programming Hardware and microcontroller programming
http://www.hardw.net/ - Donetsk
Articles, instructions, programs and circuits of ready-for-use devices on PIC microcontrollers, collection of links to sites on the appropriate subjects.
Mathematics in Excel XP Mathematics in Excel XP
http://www.xpler.narod.ru/ - Donetsk
Introduction in EXCEL XP - calculations, analysis of the data, work with electronic rectangular tables.
Educational resource "Proletarka" Educational resource "Proletarka"
http://www.proletarka.h1.ru/ - Donetsk
Documentation on programming: HTML, PHP, Perl, CGI, Java Script, XML; Assambler, Pascal, C, Java, Visual Basic.
Ukrainian programming Ukrainian programming
http://svarog.h1.ru/ - Donetsk
News of the Internet, documentation on OS Linux, C++.