Vodka Online Vodka Online
http://vodka.com.ua/ - Kiev
Portal of consumers and manufacturers of alcoholic drinks. News, information about drinks, catalogue of sites, toasts, humour.
Information and analytical portal "Akcyz" Information and analytical portal "Akcyz"
http://akcyz.com.ua/ - Kiev
News, analytical materials, statistical data of alcohol and tobacco products market. Legislative base, enterprises, branch dictionary.
Magazine "Drinks plus" Magazine "Drinks plus"
http://www.drinks.com.ua/ - Kiev
Illustrated edition for those who makes, consumes and realizes drinks. Establishment of business contacts; helpful information and advice of experts.
Wine of Ukraine - Ukrwineprom Wine of Ukraine - Ukrwineprom
http://www.ukrwine.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Informatsional and analytical site of the wine industry of Ukraine: associations, manufacturers, the catalogue of production, investment projects.
Kiev factory of champagn "Capital" Kiev factory of champagn "Capital"
http://www.champagne.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Manufacture and sale of champagn. History of factory. Catalogue of wine. Addresses of dealers.
Beer of Ukraine Beer of Ukraine
http://www.ukrbeer.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Informatsional and analytical system of brewing industry of Ukraine: news, legislative information.
Tobacco of Ukraine Tobacco of Ukraine
http://www.ukrtobacco.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Informatsional and analytical system of the tobacco industry of Ukraine: associations, infrastructure, production.
Soyuz-Victan Distillery Soyuz-Victan Distillery
http://www.sv.ua/ - Crimea
Soyuz-Victan Company is a modern Ukrainian producer of strong and soft drinks. The primary product of the company is vodka. Liqueurs, drinks with less content of alcohol, mineral water and sparkling wines are also being produced.

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