M.Y. Mianie's system 'Person Development. Way of L M.Y. Mianie's system 'Person Development. Way of L
http://mianie-system.org/ - Kharkiv
Esoteric philosophic and practical system. Information about System's author, philosophy, programs of development, organization; theory of society development; shop; questions-answers; photo-video data.
Guru Sergey Bugaev Guru Sergey Bugaev
http://www.sergey-bugaev.com/ - Kharkiv
Practices of zen and tantra. Lectures, texts, conversations. How to distinguish veritable Teacher ot false one. Faith in itself and control above a situation. Black and white Tantra.
Spiritual worlds Spiritual worlds
http://zatuchniy.narod.ru/ - Kharkiv
Practice of spiritual development of Hinduism, alchemy, Buddhism christianities followers.