Dictionaries. Online Translator on Dictionaries. Online Translator on
http://multilex.meta.ua/ - Kharkiv
Online translator which can translate languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and many more.
Educational and consulting centre "Osvita" Educational and consulting centre "Osvita"
http://www.osvita.kharkiv.org/ - Kharkiv
Education abroad: information on curriculums, academic experts exchange, travel programs.
Distance learning Distance learning
http://www.eddi.ru/ - Kharkiv
Kharkov institute of information technologies offers to familiarize with courses of distance learning.
Library of lawyer Library of lawyer
http://www.refua.narod.ru/ - Kharkiv
Full-text electronic legal library.
Work abroad for students 'Au Pair' Work abroad for students 'Au Pair'
http://www.aupair.org.ua/ - Kharkiv
Work abroad on program 'Au Pair' (in families, with children). Studying of foreign language.
Kharkov musical and theatrical library Kharkov musical and theatrical library
http://www.mtlib.org.ua/ - Kharkiv
Materials about the library, annotated bulletin of new receipts on branches of art, materials about art workers.
Educational centre for entrants Educational centre for entrants
http://www-cdo.univer.kharkov.ua/ - Kharkiv
Educational centre for entrants of Kharkov national university: information for entrants and schoolboys.
Association of general educational establishments Association of general educational establishments
http://www.privateschool.narod.ru/ - Kharkiv
The information on organization. Plan.
Школа "ЄШКО"
http://escc.com.ua/ - Kharkiv

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