Weekly 'Apteka' Weekly 'Apteka'
http://www.apteka.ua/ - Kiev
Medications markets reviews, infomation, laws, etc.
Ukrainian medical server "The first aid" Ukrainian medical server "The first aid"
http://www.dopomoha.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Site contains information concerning medical treatment.
Medical portal "Zdorovie Ukrainy" Medical portal "Zdorovie Ukrainy"
http://www.health-ua.org/ - Kiev
Information for doctors and patients on different industries of medicine. Medical mass media, publications, news, exhibitions, consultations, reference books, work for physicians.
NeBoley. Medical portal NeBoley. Medical portal
http://www.neboley.com.ua/ - Kiev
A site contains medical news, recommendations, certificate information on clinics, pharmacies, opticians, medical establishments, and also sporting-health and lechebno-profilakticheskim complexes.
Chemist's information centre "Infomed" Chemist's information centre "Infomed"
http://www.apteki.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Information concerning medical products and other goods of medical assignment in a chemist's network of Kiev.
Clinical trials (research) in Ukraine Clinical trials (research) in Ukraine
http://www.trials.in.ua/ - Kiev
This web-site is dedicated to clinical research in Ukraine. Our mission is promotion of clinical trials in Ukraine. The Ukrainian version of the web-site provides wide rage of information and services either for professionals or for patients and comm
Rheumatology Rheumatology
http://rheumatology.org.ua/ - Kiev
Site is dedicated to rheumatology.
Медичні вісті
http://medvisnik.com.ua/ - Kiev

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