Internet-club "House of the fisherman" Internet-club "House of the fisherman"
http://www.fishing.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
About fishermen and fishing: fishing tackles and catching methods, boats.
Site about fishing Site about fishing
http://karpela.com.ua/ - Kiev
Books and manuals on carp catching, "fish places".
AWF "Community of Fishermen of the Ukraine" AWF "Community of Fishermen of the Ukraine"
http://ribaki.org.ua/ - Kiev
AWF "Community of Fishermen of the Ukraine" is based in December, 2006 and acts all territory of Ukraine. The Fund carries out the activity on the basis of legality, humanities, voluntariness.
Ukrainian hunter server Ukrainian hunter server
http://www.uahunter.com.ua/ - Kiev
Server is dedicated to hunting, hunting weapons, ammunition, dog-breeding.
Company "Flagman" - all for fishing and rest Company "Flagman" - all for fishing and rest
http://www.flagman.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Electronic catalogue of the goods. Forum and articles about fishing.
Fisher portal Fisher portal
http://www.ribak.com.ua/ - Kiev
Fisher portal: internet-encyclopedia for fishers.
Games center Mordor Games center Mordor
http://www.mordor.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Site contains the information concerning role games, Tolkien works etc.
Portal "AUM" Portal "AUM"
http://aum.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
The Ukrainian portal of spiritual, mental and physical development resources of the person contains news, time-table of seminars, catalogue of links.
Український Клуб Cashflow
http://www.cashflowclub.com.ua/ - Kiev

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