Rus chronicle Rus chronicle
http://litopys.org.ua/ - Kiev
Historical materials about Rus.
State Committee on Archives of Ukraine State Committee on Archives of Ukraine
http://www.archives.gov.ua/ - Kiev
History and structure of Committee, the publication, normative base, directories, documents of archive.
Institute of Ukrainian history NANU Institute of Ukrainian history NANU
http://www.history.org.ua/ - Kiev
History of institute. Electronic versions of institute editions. Announcements about conferences and seminars.
Myslene drevo Myslene drevo
http://myslenedrevo.com.ua/ - Kiev
The site contains the description of free program which is a database on history and culture of Ukraine; sale of compact discs and books on history of Ukraine.
Ukrainian centre of studying Holocaust history Ukrainian centre of studying Holocaust history
http://www.holocaust.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Scientific researches and pedagogical activity in studying of Holocaust history.
History of Ukraine History of Ukraine
http://www.uahistory.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Texts of books on histories of Ukraine.
Reibert.info Reibert.info
http://reibert.info/ - Kiev
Information about Vermaht, SS, Luftvaffe and Krigsmarine.
The Harvest of Sorrow The Harvest of Sorrow
http://zhnyva33.narod.ru/ - Kiev
The book about Soviet collectivisation and terror-famine in 1929-1933 by famous western scientist Robert Conquest (translated into Ukrainian).
Historic-cultural Almanac 'Kurgan' Historic-cultural Almanac 'Kurgan'
http://kurgan.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Site contains materials concerning pre-Christian Slavonic culture.

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