E-library fund "science and Engineering" E-library fund "science and Engineering"
http://www.n-t.org/ - Kiev
E-library fund offers: articles, Nobel Prize winners, Rare editions etc.
Scientific and technical issue Scientific and technical issue
http://ntpo.com/ - Dnepropetrovsk
Databases on electronics, physics, biotechnologies, astronomies, oceanology. Technologies. Inventions.
Theoretical mechanics Theoretical mechanics
http://www.emomi.com/ - Odesa
Site about the theoretical mechanics: role and value of the mechanics through the analysis of engineering situations, projects, failures.
Magazine "Technical electrodynamics" Magazine "Technical electrodynamics"
http://www.rql.kiev.ua/ted/ - Kiev
The site of the science and applied magazine "Technical electrodynamics".
Centre of Imitating Modelling Centre of Imitating Modelling
http://www.simulation.org.ua/ - Kiev
The site is devoted to imitating modelling: articles, list of books, files, dictionaries, links.
Neuronetworks: books, articles, publications Neuronetworks: books, articles, publications
http://neuroschool.narod.ru/ - Odesa
Scientific publications, books, articles.
Library of directories for a designer Library of directories for a designer
http://www.mexanik.ru/ - Dnepropetrovsk
Order of electronic technical directories in compact discs.
Alexey Alyoshin homepage Alexey Alyoshin homepage
http://vestikinc.narod.ru/ - Odesa
Site contains scientific works of Alexey Alyoshin.
Informatsional and publicistic journal 'Energy of Informatsional and publicistic journal 'Energy of
http://sunpp.narod.ru/ - Kiev
Articles about condition, problems and prospects of nuclear power in Ukraine.

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