Newspaper "Legal practice" Newspaper "Legal practice"
http://pravo.ua/ - Kiev
Weekly edition about legal trade in Ukraine and in the world.
Master's program on economy "EERC" Master's program on economy "EERC"
http://eerc.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
Master's program on economy "EERC" on Kiev-Mohyla Academy base. Information on the program, teachers, grants.
Economic library Economic library
http://www.economics.com.ua/ - Kiev
Electronic books on economy; publications, methodical materials; course and degree works, abstracts; dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias.
State language lessons State language lessons
http://mova.kreschatic.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
State language lessons.
Information project 'Nova mova' Information project 'Nova mova'
http://novamova.info/ - Kiev
The site contains educational materials on the Ukrainian language; statistical data; articles on linguistics; review of the books devoted to the Ukrainian language.
Portal "Kobzar.info" Portal "Kobzar.info"
http://www.kobzar.info/ - Kiev
The site is devoted to creativity of Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko: biography, creativity, museums, projects.
Linguistic portal "mova.info" Linguistic portal "mova.info"
http://www.mova.info/ - Kiev
Portal about the Ukrainian language: news, computer tests, spelling, electronic dictionaries.
Ukrainian linguistic portal Ukrainian linguistic portal
http://www.ulif.org.ua/ - Kiev
Ukrainian spelling dictionary. Articles of magazine "Movoznavstvo".
Judaic Institute in Ukraine Judaic Institute in Ukraine
http://www.judaica.kiev.ua/ - Kiev
The site of Judaic Institute in Ukraine. Projects, issues, art gallery, researches.

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